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WELCOME to Milwaukee Women's Volleyball Club


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We are looking forward to a successful and fun 2015-2016 season, and that means we need YOU to come try out! 

Tryouts are confirmed for 9/14 from 10pm-12am and 9/15 from 9pm-11pm in the Arena in the Klotsche Center. For more information, you can contact

You can check us out and talk to members at:

UREC FEST in the Klotsche on Sunday 8/30 from 7pm-10pm

Sports Club Fair in Spaights Plaza on Thursday 9/3 from 11am-2pm


Any questions or concerns, ask Kelley Moran!


Portal Information


Women’s Club Volleyball is designed for women at UWM to compete competitively at a collegiate level.


Sports Club

Month of elections


Membership Requirements:

Indicate any GPA or other requirements for Membership.

Open to all UWM women with a GPA higher than 2.0.


Summarize the organization's purpose as stated in the charter or constitution. (60 word maximum)

UWM Women’s Volleyball Club at provides an opportunity for women to continue to play volleyball competitively at the collegiate level. We provide the opportunity for bi-weekly exercise and wellness, along with allowing participants to establish strong social connections and school pride that enhance their college experience here at UWM.


Summarize organizational events, activities and programs. (40 word maximum)

Bi-weekly practice times. Our team competes in several tournaments throughout the fall and spring semesters, and remains active in the volleyball community throughout the year.

Public Contact Officer Name:

Must be one of the four primary officers list on page 2 of this form. First and last name required.

Kelley Moran

Public Contact Phone:

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Public Contact Email:

Must be one of the four primary officers list on page 2 of this form.