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Registration for Spring 2019 seminars will begin soon - email Michelle Wallace at to be added to our outreach list!

Fall 2018 Programs:

BLUEPRINT: BLUEPRINT is a group mentoring program designed for first-year & new transfer students who are interested in developing their leadership capacity through 8 weekly interactive sessions. BLUEPRINT participants receive two mentors—an upper-class student leader, and a staff member. By joining our program, you’ll make new connections on campus, develop skills across 12 essential leadership competencies, and create an action plan for your legacy at Northeastern! To register to participate in BLUEPRINT click here

VOICES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE: Join us for this engaging, interactive program that brings diverse students together to discuss leadership through the lens of social justice and identity. This 8-week program allows students to reflect on the relationships between identity and leadership within the United States and across the globe. Preference is given to students who have completed at least one year of college. To register to participate in Voices for Social Change click here

Gender in Leadership: Join us for a new program designed to help student leaders deepen their understanding of gender and its relationship to leadership. This program will intentionally focus on gender and leadership beyond the gender binary through two 90 minute sessions co-facilitated by student and staff facilitators. For more information, click here!

GRADUATE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (GLI): The GLI is a flexible leadership experience exclusively for full-time graduate students enrolled at Northeastern. Students select workshops based upon individual goals for development, connecting with peers across industries and learning transferable leadership skills that will catalyze their professional development.  Click here to register for GLI. 

The programs below will return in Spring 2019:

BLUEPRINT 2: BLUEPRINT 2 is the next step in continual leadership development for BLUEPRINT graduates. Participants in this innovative workshop series will collaborate to plan and execute innovative leadership or community service initiatives with their peers. The core leadership competencies developed in BLUEPRINT 2 are initiative, innovation, integrity, building relationships, and social consciousness/global awareness. Ultimately, BLUEPRINT 2 will facilitate your ability to apply leadership skills in the classroom, co-op, and other “real life” environments. BLUEPRINT 2 will resume in Spring 2019. 

Masculinities and Leadership: What is masculinity? Is it toxic? Positive? Hegemonic? Confused yet? Join LEAD360 for a new pilot program that explores masculinities and leadership! Participants and facilitators will co-develop this seminar about leadership dynamics through a gendered lens, with a specific emphasis on masculinities. Masculinities and Leadership will resume in Spring 2019.

To learn more about all of our programs, go to

Questions? Contact the Center for Student Involvement at 617-373-2642 or Evan Chartier at


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LEAD360 builds on the idea that everyone has the capacity to lead. Lead360 is a collection of programs that provide students with the skills and knowledge to succeed as global leaders. Each program serves a unique purpose and will provide you with an interactive, fun-filled experience. LEAD360 offers something for everyone. Whether you are interested in exploring leadership as a first-year student, discussing social justice issues, or building your own leadership skills – we are here to support you!

Why Should I get Involved? Leadership opportunities allow you to:
-Expand your horizons
-Build the skills that will enable you to be successful in your co-ops, student leader positions, and future careers
-Improve your time management skills
-Develop relationships with peers + mentors
-Enhance your ability to work as part of a team


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