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As Clemson University’s elite student-athlete community outreach organization, the Solid Orange Squad is dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive image for Clemson University within the surrounding communities, fostering a good rapport with diverse organizations, and promoting the five main characteristics of being a true Clemson Tiger (T=Teamwork, I=Integrity, G=Gratitude, E=Education, and R=Respect). By working within our community and giving of our time, talents, and abilities, the Solid Orange Squad aims to help people of all ethnicities, genders, ages, and socio-economic brackets through many community outreach projects. SOLID ORANGE…It’s about Pride…. Our actions honor our University, traditions, teams, performance, people, and each other.

Category Undergraduate - Service/Advocacy
Keywords Community, Service, Sports, Athletics,
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Vickery Hall

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The Solid Orange Squad (SOS) is an elite student-athlete community service organization which participates in a wide variety of community service events throughout the upstate of South Carolina. Currently, the SOS boasts of over 100 active members.

Clemson's SOS is unique because it is the first and only Division I University to incorporate a focused character education program called Be a T.I.G.E.R! in all personal appearances, service projects and community work. The program enables student-athletes to teach kids about the values of teamwork, integrity, gratitude, education and respect through four different components and provides a focused approach to service.

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Director of Solid Orange Squad

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Wesley Nelson

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Katherine Inclan

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Linda White

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(864) 656-2095

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