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The USGBC student is open to any student interested in green building. We focus on professional accreditation, promoting green building practices, providing networking opportunities with other green professionals, and advocating sustainability.

Category Undergraduate - Professional/Academic/Departmental
Keywords green, green building, environment, usgbc, architecture, landscape, sustainability, LEED, construction
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Lee 2-301

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Last Wednesday of every month

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The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Students of Clemson University serves to promote sustainable and green building practices on our campus. Students have the opportunity to create and complete projects concerning sustainable building with guidance from the graduate student officers from the School of Planning and Landscape Architecture. We also collaborate with the Upstate chapter of USGBC located in Greenville. Students involved in USGBC have the opportunity to take a LEED Green Associate examination preparatory course at Clemson as well as have half of the test cost reimbursed upon passing the exam. Both undergraduates and graduate students are encouraged to join and help make Clemson a more sustainable campus!

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Danielle Jakubowski

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Christopher Clauson

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Dennis Bausman

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