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Welcome to the Clemson Student Veterans Association(CSVA). The CSVA is a student service organization that is dedicated to helping fellow students who served, or are currently serving in the US military. We provide experience and guidance to incoming students, and fellowship and camaraderie to both Veterans and their dependents. The CSVA is involved in several annual events such as Military Appreciation Day and Veterans Day, and participates in various off campus events in support of other Veteran groups. 

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The goal of the Student Veterans Association is to be an advisory group focused on the well being of veterans attending classes at Clemson University. As a member of the CSVA, students will have a variety of opportunities to lead and guide new student veterans in all avenues of education, team building, and community driven events.

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Undergraduate - Service/Advocacy

Regular Meeting Location

Tillman 204

Regular Meeting Day(s)

1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

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To represent student veterans on various boards, councils and committees at Clemson University, as appropriate and to promote their interests.

To promote the educational, social, recreational and cultural interests of its members.

To co-operate with other organizations having similar interests in promoting student activities and interests.

In carrying out its above mentioned objectives, the CUSVA shall not promote, fund, or engage in activities that are sexist, racist, or in any other way violate the Clemson University Student Code of Conduct.

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Sam Wigley

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Zachary Thornburg

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Rebecca Atkinson

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