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Student Affairs Graduate Assistant Application 2018-2019

Student Affairs Graduate Assistantship Application

Graduate assistantships offer a year of opportunities to combine the theories and principles of leadership you learn through your academic coursework with supervised experience in student affairs.  Assistantships are designed to provide you with direct experience and exposure to both the administrative and developmental functions of student affairs units.  In doing so, graduate assistantships provide a unique window of opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and values that are fundamental to the student affairs profession. They are also essential to supporting undergraduate college students’ development during a time in their lives that is characterized by self-exploration, identity development, and self-authorship.

Graduate Assistants work with the following facilities, organizations, and programmatic units (click here to review available job descriptions - job descriptions for positions working with Health Education and Residence Life & First-Year Experience are being updated and will be posted when ready):

  • Academic Student Organizations
  • Argyros Forum Student Union
  • Civic Engagement Initiatives
  • Civic Engagement Student Organizations
  • Cross-Cultural Center
  • Diversity/Cultural Student Organizations
  • Greek Life
  • Julianne Argyros Fitness Center
  • Recreation and Leisure Student Organizations
  • Religious/Spiritual Student Organizations
  • Residence Life & First-Year Experience
  • Student Conduct
  • University Program Board

(job descriptions will be linked as they are updated for the 2018-2019 academic year)

The application process for Graduate Assistantships is coordinated in tandem with the application process for admission to the Masters in Leadership Development program.  You must apply for a Graduate Assistantship by April 1, 2018.  Graduate Assistantship interviews will be coordinated on the Masters in Leadership Development Interview Day (date to be determined), immediately following the MLD applicant interview process.  Please know that Graduate Assistantships require enrollment as a graduate student; assistantships are not available to undergraduates in a 4+1 program until they've completed their undergraduate degree.


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