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DISMANTLE Retreat: Deconstructing Power & Privilege 2017

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Dismantle!

The goal of this retreat is to convene passionate students who are interested in exploring the magnitude and complexity of power and privilege, while building their capacity to evolve as impactful and self-aware leaders. Learning to do the work of resisting oppressive power dynamics! #doingwoke

This retreat is open to ALL students, regardless of identity, as most of us have privileges that we benefit from (for example: many LGBT people may have White privilege, someone with a disability might have class privilege and people of color can still have heterosexual privilege, etc). We hope to recruit a diverse  group of students and create an environment of care that allows for learning through critical reflection and storytelling. To learn from Boston, we will participate in an interactive activity in the city to explore how privilege manifests in diverse neighborhoods, and its disparate impact on our fellow community members.

Throughout this experience we will be defining privilege as: an unearned advantage or exemption from duty as a special benefit or favor based on someone’s social identity group membership (such as their race, class, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, ability, etc.).

Identifying the presence and impact of privilege can be challenging for those to whom privileges are granted because it is often seen as "the norm." It is sort of like asking fish to notice water or birds to discuss air (Kendall, 2013). Throughout these experiences we will ask you to apply a critical lens to understand your lived experience, challenge convention, and develop astute observations about society.

Dismantle will convene from 6pm on March 17th through early afternoon on March 19th.  Participants must be able to attend all three installments of the daytime retreat. This is not an overnight! You will be able to sleep at your personal residence every night while commuting to the events daily.


Dismantle is your opportunity to:

  • Explore Boston while learning about your identities in relation to power & privilege
  • Learn how we are all impacted by systems of power
  • Build community with peers who value social justice & inclusion
  • Develop knowledge and strategies to contribute toward a more equitable society

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, February 5, 2017.

A Collaborative Northeastern Offering: Center for Student Involvement. Honors Program. LGBTQA Resource Center. Northeastern Crossing. Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. Social Justice Resource Center


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