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Alternative Break Trip Advisor Interest Form

**Please note that a Dean/Dept. Head Approval Form must be submitted with this interest form.  The Dean/Dept. Head Approval Form should be completed by your Dean/Dept. Head prior to beginning this interest form.  You will be asked to upload an electronic copy of the completed approval form.**


Chapman University’s Alternative Break Program seeks to provide students with an opportunity to work with community agencies, needs, and populations in a week-long service and immersion experience. Civic Engagement Initiatives offers several Alternative Break Trip options with varying levels of direct service, learning, reflection, and immersion. The AB Program is designed to connect Chapman students to shared experiences that foster personal growth, mutual awareness, and civic engagement. The Program is committed to being a drug and alcohol free program.

The Alternative Break program is designed to provide a well-rounded learning experience for Chapman students by empowering student leaders to develop their leadership abilities and identity by facilitating a week-long service experience that integrates education, service, and reflection. Regular faculty/administrators are needed to support this goal by serving as AB Trip Advisors. Trip Advisors serve as a resource and source of support for the Trip Facilitators as they develop and implement their trip experience. Trip Facilitators may be challenged, for example, by the logistics of the experience, their peers, and/or exposure to community issues. Trip Advisors assist with guiding Trip Facilitators through these challenges, particularly those that arise during an AB trip. Trip Advisors play a significant role in determining which challenges Trip Facilitators can handle on their own during AB Trips and which need assistance. Throughout the development and implementation of the AB Trip, it is important for the Trip Faciliator and Trip Advisor to work together while maintaining the Trip Facilitator's leadership role. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Assisting Trip Facilitator in maintaining group cohesion and inclusiveness
  • Assisting Trip Facilitator with creating group rules/standards
  • Developing a positive working relationship with the Trip Facilitator and participants
  • Attending trip meetings when possible
  • Assisting with fundraising efforts
  • Participating alongside trip participants on pre-trip, trip, and post-trip service experiences
  • Acting as a positive role model and representing the mission and values of Chapman University
  • Maintaining frequent communication and contact with Civic Engagement Initiatives and the Trip Facilitator before, during, and after the trip (Trip Facilitator and Trip Advisors should discuss important issues, the day’s itinerary, participant concerns, etc. on a daily basis)
  • Being prepared to help Trip Facilitators manage stress, logistics, conflict, exhaustion, and crisis situations
  • Being present at and assisting, if needed, all reflection experiences during the week
  • Taking the lead role in an emergency situation
  • Serving as a driver. You must be eligible to drive a University van
  • Participating in first-aid/CPR certification training (provided)

As a Trip Advisor, you will be involved with the planning and implementation of your trip. Below is an overview of the time commitment involved with serving as a Trip Advisor... 

  • Pre-Trip: Attend 4 weekly trip meetings and experiences as available to build group cohesiveness. Assist and support Trip Facilitator with planning of trip.
  • During Trip: Enjoy the trip! Serve as a role model in all aspects of the experience and assist Trip Facilitator as necessary. Address risk and safety issues that arise and take the lead role in crisis/emergency situations.
  • Post-Trip: Attend post-trip follow up experiences such as a post-trip service opportunity, group dinner, reflection discussion, and informal gatherings with other Trip Advisors, Trip Facilitators, and staff from Civic Engagement Initiatives. Complete program evaluations.

Dates of Trip

  • Spring Break (March 22 - March 28)
    • ​Homelessness in Bay Area
    • Conservation in the Grand Canyon
    • Community Organizing in Central California
  • Summer (May 31- June 6)
    • Teaching English/Caring for Elderly in Quito, Ecuador


  • Must be a regular faculty member or administrator (exempt status)
  • Must receive supervisor and department head/Dean approval (via approval form)
  • Commitment to students' educational development
  • Experience and/or knowledge of proposed topic/issue
  • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Experience working with, advising, facilitating, or mentoring student-led groups
  • Ability to make time commitment to program
  • Clear background check (through Human Resources)
  • As an administrator, your department head may require you to use vacation accrual during your absence from regular duties. To confirm whether this will be necessary, please include this in discussions with your department head.

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