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Civic Engagement Initiatives inspires students to see themselves as part of the larger social fabric and to be informed and active citizens in our local, national, and global communities.  CEI creates experiences wherein students develop the knowledge, skills, and motivation they need for responsible engagement in our diverse society.

Join us on Orgsync to remain updated on the many programs and services offered to support your engagement as an active citizen of our world!  You can also learn more about our many programs, services, resources, and opportunities by visiting our website!  Or, if you'd like to contact us directly, email or stop by Argyros Forum 303.

Some of the programs and resources SCE offers include:


  • Alternative Break Program
  • Chapman Day of Service
  • New Orleans Travel Course -- LEAD 325b
  • Active Citizen Conference
  • Roots Native Habitat Restoration
  • the Global Citizens' Wall
  • Libreria Martinez Mentorship Program
  • Campus Garden


  • Green Department Certification Program
  • OrgSync Service Management Database
  • President's Volunteer Service Award
  • Student Org Philanthropy / Community Service Assistance
  • Community Supported Agriculture (local food delivered to you!)
  • The Green Initiative Fund
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