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Conference Sponsorship Application 2017-2018

Due to upcoming breaks, any application that is submitted after December 4th, 2017 will be reviewed at a delayed rate, and any application for over $1,000 won't be reviewed until February 2nd.

Note: If you are applying as an individual, proceed below. If five or more students of the same organization are applying for the same conference, or there is a total cost among students within an organization totaling over $2,500 for the same conference, please submit a Group Conference Funding Request Form.


Application must be submitted at least two weeks before conference date to be considered.

  • Purpose: To provide financial support of up to $750 for academic and leadership conference fees, assist in the leadership development of Chapman students and further the University’s vision of supporting programs that extend beyond the boundaries of the classroom and work toward developing the whole person.
  • Criteria: The SGA Conference Sponsorship will be awarded based upon the following criteria:
    1. Applicants must be undergraduate students at Chapman University.
    2. All applicants must be in good academic standing with the University.
    3. Applicants must demonstrate a financial need for the sponsorship.
    4. All application materials must be submitted at least (2) weeks prior to the conference date. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications will also not be accepted after the attendance of a conference.
  • Application Process: The SGA Allocations Committee shall determine sponsorship recipients based on the application materials submitted. Once all application materials have been received, please allow at least two weeks for a decision to be made. The applicant will receive notification from the Director of Finance once a decision has been made. Please submit the following application materials:
    1. Basic Information: Fill out basic student and conference information
    2. Résumé: Your résumé (limited to a two page maximum) should highlight your campus, community and/or leadership involvement, in addition to other service or work experience.
    3. Personal Statement: Submit a 450-500 word personal statement describing why you are interested in attending your selected conference and how it will assist in your leadership development. Briefly describe the activities you will participate in during the conference. Please also make clear your financial circumstances which warrant your need for financial assistance, and describe any other sources of funding you will receive.
    4. Faculty or Staff Recommendation: Provide (1) signed letter of recommendation from either a Chapman University faculty or staff member or an advisor who is familiar with your work and the conference.
    5. Conference Costs: Provide documentation that details the cost of the conference. For example, documentation includes proof of registration, airline ticket confirmations, and hotel reservation receipts.
    6. All "Other Costs" must be defined with explanation as to their necessity. Food costs listed in this section must follow the University per diem rate. Per diem rates are as follows:
      • The Per Diem rate of $57.00 (low cost cities): Breakfast (11.40) Lunch (17.10) Dinner (28.50)
      • The Per Diem rate of $68.00 (high cost cities): Breakfast (13.60) Lunch (20.40) Dinner (34.00)
      • All requests for Per Diem must be accompanied by a full trip itinerary including any and all meals being provided by airlines, hotels, conferences, or institutions related to the excursion for which funding is being requested.

This form closed on April 25, 2018 11:45 PM PDT