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Valarie B. Daniels
Sep 19, 2014


Sep 19, 2014 by Valarie B. Daniels



Letter to Lamar Cardinal Sync Community:

In a democracy you can vote and you should. It’s important!

State and national elections will be held November 4, 2014 to elect members of Congress, members of Texas Legislature, and many local officials.  These officials will make decisions about a variety of issues that affect your lives, e.g. student loans.  You owe it to yourself to become informed about the issues and the candidates, and then go vote.

In order to vote you must first be registered.  If you are a US citizen and 18 years-of-age or older, or will be 18 by Election Day (November 4th), you can register in a county that you have resided in for at least 30 days.  Lamar students who currently reside on or near the Lamar campus are residents of Jefferson County for voting purposes.  Likewise, if you are registered in another county and do not want to go home to vote, you can easily change your registration to Jefferson County.  All you do is fill out a voter registration card and submit it to the Jefferson County Voter Registrar.

There will be a voter registration campaign in front of the Setzer Student Center (quadrangle side) from 11 AM until 1:30 PM September 22nd  through September 25th.  You may register there, at the Jefferson County Court House, or on line at <>.

Once you are registered you must decide where and when to vote.  November 4th is Election Day but citizens may actually begin early voting on October 20th.  Jefferson County will have an early voting site on campus in the Setzer Student Center Downstairs Lounge on October 21st-23rd .  Look for the signs and VOTE!

Message from the Texas Secretary of State:

Students, here’s your class assignment:  GET READY TO VOTE!

Lesson One: You have to register

If you’re a student who spends several weeks or months a year in different locations but wants to vote in Texas, you’ll need to decide which place in Texas is the place you call “home,” i.e., where you intend to return after you’ve been away. If you consider your parents’ address to be your permanent residence, you may use that address as your registration address. If you would like to register to vote at your college address, you may do so, but you can’t be registered in both places.

If you consider yourself a permanent resident of another state, you’ll need to consult with officials there for registration and ballot-by-mail procedures.

Lesson Two: Voting away from home.

If you’re attending a college or university away from home, you can vote early by mail if you claimed as your primary residence the address where you live while not attending school – in other words, where a parent or guardian lives.

To request that an early voting ballot be sent to the address where you are physically planning to be at election time (e.g.,at school), you must fill out an early voting ballot request application. (PDF)

For more information, please visit our
Helpful Hints on Voting Early by Mail section.

For more information please contact our new Lamar University Associate Director for Student Activities and Civic Engagement, Mr. Kiet Le at 409-880-2395 or Ms. Valarie Daniels at 409-880-8739, or stop by the Setzer Student Center, Room 212.