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Julie Eddards
Mar 30, 2017

2017 Student Government Association Official Election Results

Mar 30, 2017 by Julie Eddards

Official Results of the 2017 SGA Election:

Candidates marked in RED are the official elected winners.


Ce'nese Wooten                260 Votes      
Dillon Nicholson              471 Votes    
                                Total:  731 Total Votes                     

Vice President:

Madison Marino                  271 Votes              
Tevin Miles                         164 Votes
Victoria LaFluer                  314 Votes              
                                 Total:  749 Total Votes                         


Marly Smith                        324 Votes            
Joshua Washington            199 Votes              
Jessica Hoskins                  192 Votes            
                                  Total: 715 Total Votes

Junior Class Senator:

Breana Covington                 51 Votes            
Shaina Escobedo                90 Votes            
                                   Total: 141 Total Votes

Sophomore Class Senator:

Jaylon Gregory                      22 Votes        
Kaily Garcia                          56 Votes
Tamera Thigpen                     20 Votes
                                     Total: 98 Total Votes

In the event that no candidate receives more than 50% of the total votes cast for any contested office, a run-off election shall be held for the individuals receiving the top two numbers of votes cast in the election.

For the following positions there will be a run-off election and the participating candidates:

Vice President:

Madison Marino
Victoria LaFleur

Secretary Treasurer:

Marly Smith
Joshua Washington

The above candidates will campaign from now through April 10th. Voting will open April 11th, midnight, and close April 12th, 5:00 pm. Voting will be held on Self-Serv Banner.

These results have been certified by the Cheif Student Affairs Officer, Dr. Vicki McNeil.