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Julie Eddards
Jan 31, 2017

Student Setzer Center Fee Announcement from the Student Body President

Jan 31, 2017 by Julie Eddards

My fellow students,

As you are probably aware, the construction of the new Setzer Student Center is underway and expected to be complete by Spring 2018. As students, we have noticed a Setzer Student Center fee of $100, even though our Setzer Student Center is no longer available for use. What gives?

Well, before 2012, the Setzer Student Center Fee was in fact lower ($30.00) per long semester, but the SGA surveyed students, asking if they were willing to experience an increase in fees if it meant a new Setzer Student Center. As was expected, the students agreed overwhelmingly for the renovation of the Setzer Student Center. However, the fee up until that point was used to cover the HVAC, electricity, water, maintenance, staff salaries, and programming of the Set--none of these fees ever covered construction or renovation costs.

With students wanting renovations, additional funds were necessary in order to pay for the proposed renovations, hence the increase from $30 to $100 per long semester. This $100 has been the Setzer Student Center fee since 2012 in order to produce enough revenue for Lamar University to pay for the renovation of the Setzer Student Center.

The Setzer Student Center renovations are projected to cost $27.9 million, with which over 70,000 square feet will be renovated and over 20,000 square feet will feature new construction. In order to fund the project, Lamar University had to take out a bond, to be repaid over the next several years with the funds coming from the increase of the Setzer Student Center fee.

As a public institution, Lamar University must procure the funds for this project on our own, as public institutions cannot fund student centers with state or federal funding. Thus, we students have had to pick up the bill. Quite literally, the new Setzer Student Center will be for students, by students. Because the student body showed support for these changes, administration took the necessary steps to ensure our wants would be fulfilled.

Please know that your money is being well spent and that our wants as students are being taken care of.

Aaron S Lavergne
Student Government Association