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Julie Eddards
Nov 8, 2016

TODAY: Student Government Association Joint Session

Nov 8, 2016 by Julie Eddards

Hello, Fellow Students.

Don't forget to join us, today, at the Student Government Association Joint Session.

Joint Session will begin at 2:30 pm in the Landes Auditorium in the Galloway Building.

We look forward to updating the student body on important information and to hear from students in the areas of growth for student life on campus, which informs how we support you with campus administration.

SGA would also like to remind the student body of the importance of voting this Election Day as we look toward the future of our country. Active participation in the electoral process is not only a part of being an educated, contributing member of society but is at the very core of our civic duty as Americans. The legitimacy of any democracy or republic comes from the backing of its constituents, so let your voice be heard; please join us in taking the opportunity of the right to vote today.