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Campus Activities Survey

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Which of the following best describes you?
Do you live on or off campus?
How satisfied are you with the quality of campus life?
How often do you attend campus activities on average each week
How do you find out about events happening on or around campus Check all that apply...
If social media is one of your preferred channels for hearing about events, which is the most preferable way?
Considering your schedule and how far in advance you like to plan ahead, when is the best date/time to hear about an event you’d like to attend?
If you could select two days of the week that generally are best to be able to attend an event, what would they be?
If you could select the best times of day to attend an event, what would it be?
What types of events would you be most likely to attend?
Are you aware there is a student programming board called Cardinals Activities Board (CAB) on campus?
How satisfied are you with campus activities hosted by Cardinals Activities Board (CAB)?

Please help us improve Homecoming by answering the following questions.

What events would you like to see more of during Homecoming?
Are you willing to buy tickets to a concert or comedy show for a bigger artist during Homecoming?
Please select the concert that you would be most likely to attend (These are just examples, and do not indicate that these artists will be performing):