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LU Homecoming 2017 - Powder Puff Football Game

LU Homecoming Powder Puff


Team Requirements:

  • ALL players and coaches must be currently enrolled Lamar/LIT students! (we will check enrollment status)
  • There must be at least 14 players per team (no more than 20) and 7 players on the field during each play.
  • Must have at least 2 coaches (no more than 3)
  • Must have a Designated Team Captain (Must attend mandatory rules meeting on October 24th at 5pm)
  • Teams are encouraged to dress in similar colors or uniforms.

Game Length & Layout:

Games will be played Tournament Style, Single elimination. Both halves will be 15 minutes each, the clock will run continuously in the first and second half.  Tournament will be played until there are two final teams.

The two winning teams of the tournament will meet in the championship game on Tuesday October 31st. The championship round will be played full field and the two halves will be 15 minutes each with a 2 minute intermission. The clock will run continuously in the first and second half.

Practices: Teams are responsible for scheduling team practices and booking locations.


1. Contact is limited to incidental contact that is a normal part of flag football.
2. Players are expected to behave in a civil manner. Flag slamming, flag throwing, or other uncivil acts will result in a verbal warning for the first offense and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for each subsequent offense.
3. Taunting, trash talking, cursing or other offensive language or behavior by players, coaches or their fans will result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for the first offense and forfeiture for the second offense.
4. Reckless play deemed by the referee to be potentially dangerous or harmful (e.g., tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, roughing, pushing, etc.) will result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Two such acts committed by one player during a game will result in automatic ejection.
5. Play that is deemed by the referee to be intentionally malicious (e.g. clothes lining, blatant tackling with no effort to pull flags, etc.) will result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and immediate player ejection. Two such acts by one team during a game will result in immediate forfeiture.
6. No arguing or fighting with the Referee. If a coach or player argues or fights they will be asked to leave the game.

Registration will close October 15th at midnight.

This form closed on October 20, 2017 12:00 AM CDT