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We are Clemson University's Students for Environmental Action. Each semester this group comes together to dedicate time to campaigns that focus on environmental activism for the welfare of our planet and only home. These campaigns are both local and global. We also place emphasis on education and awareness as well as enjoy social events such as dinners and hikes. You'll come across a variety of perspectives, learn about topics you may have never considered before, and experience a feeling of accomplishment that you are contributing to an urgent and significant cause.

Meetings are every Wednesday at 5:30 in Lee Hall 2-301 (Spring 2016)

The most important thing to know about SEA is that this is YOUR club. You can make this what you want. Passionate about water conservation and accessibility as a basic human right? Fired up about stopping irresponsible use of plastic bags or Styrofoam? Dreaming of posting up in tree forts with some fellow hippies to protest irreversible destruction to our beautiful home? We're here to support you! Together, this will be our movement!



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Students for Environmental Action is a group of students and other university-affiliated people who have a common goal of striving for a better environment. By working together, we are able to pursue that goal to make fundamental changes at Clemson University and the surrounding area. Whether you are a die-hard hippie or a greenhorn, whether you like to do fundraisers, or be on the front lines on library bridge telling people what they can do to improve our environment, you will be able to find your niche to make a positive difference for your environment.

SEA has been in existence since 1992. In the past, we have demonstrated against the Clemson coal plant to
doing skits to educate about the environment at elementary schools, gone on litter-collecting hikes, and in spring 2013, made the student sustainability initiative (SSI) a reality.

We are open-minded, welcoming, determined, and passionate about making Clemson the best it can be!

Remember, we are not just a club. We are a movement!


Undergraduate - Service/Advocacy

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Lee 2:301

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Students for Environmental Action's mission is to promote sustainability through advocacy, education, and the pursuit of projects that benefit the environment.

We are committed to take action in order to improve Clemson and the surrounding area.

Our vision is a carbon-neutral and otherwise sustainable Clemson, student body awareness of environmental issues, and achievement Clemson’s 2030 Net Zero plan, completed in a way that inspires other universities and communities to do the same.

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