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CUSG Cabinet

Organization Overview

Cabinet is the executive branch of Undergraduate Student Government whose purpose is to provide students with services and programs to enrich and enhance student life. Cabinet is composed of the student body President and Vice President, Chief of Staff, Student Body Treasurer, Secretary, Senate President, Attorney General, Director of Campus and Community Development, Organizations Director, Elections Director, Public Relations Director, Director of Research and Development, Freshman Council, Transfer Council, Council on Diversity Affairs, Activities Director, Sustainability Director, and Governmental Affairs. This OrgSync group is for members who currently hold these positions and allows them to more easily work as a team.

Category Undergraduate - Governing
Keywords CUSG, Cabinet, Student Government
Regular Meeting Location

159 Union Plaza

Regular Meeting Day(s)


Regular Meeting Time(s)

6:00 pm

Purpose/Description of Organization

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Providing students with services and programs to enrich and enhance student life and to be a voice for students in the communication between students and administration.

Primary Student Officer Title?

Please provide the title of your primary student officer (i.e. Director, Chair, President, etc.)

Executive Secretary

Primary Student Officer's Full Name:

Shannon Smales

Primary Student Officer's CU Email Address:
Student Financial Officer/Treasurer's Full Name:

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Katherine Holba

Student Financial Officer/Treasurer CU Email Address?

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Primary Advisor's Full Name

Primary Advisor MUST be a FULL-TIME CU faculty/staff member.

George Smith

Primary Advisor's CU Email Address:
Primary Advisor's Phone Number: