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2018-2019 New Student Organization - Final Document Submission

At this point in the NSO process, you've reviewed OrgSync to ensure there is not an organization similar to the one you wish to attended a NSO Interest Meeting to learn about the've met with the SOuRCe and have been working on compiling documents to start your new group. Now it's time to submit all of your NSO documents to the SOuRCe for final review and approval! 

What's Next?

Once your form has been received by the SOuRCe, a member of our staff will review your proposed organization documents to validate that everything is within the standards of the process.  Our staff will then communicate next steps with you based on if revisions are needed or if the documents will be pushed to the next stage as-is. 

We recommend allowing 2 weeks for the process from the time you submit all needed documents until the time you receive confirmation of recognition from our office (pending there are no additional edits needed to your documents). 

What you need for this form:
  • The New Student Organization Development Packet consists of nine documents.
    • Must be signed before uploaded:
      • Recognition Agreement
      • Terms and Conditions
      • Cover Letter
    • Electronic file uploaded: 
      • Constitution
      • Charter Member Roster
      • New Group Registration Form
      • Why Statement
      • First Year Plan
      • S.M.A.R.T Goals

If you have any questions about the process, please contact

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