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*EXTERNAL CLIENT* Outdoor Space Request Form

This form is intended for NON-UA Entities 

By completing this form you are requesting the use of space outdoorS, ON THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON CAMPUS.  

A confirmation of your space will follow in the form of an email, if your request can be accommodated.  If the space you request is not available, your form will be "denied" with specific instructions/direction. 

Information regarding Outdoor Space can be found on the UA webpage. Guidelines for Outdoor Space can be found online

More information about Outdoor Space requests: 


  • The University has updated the process for reserving and/or using outdoor space on campus. The updated process permits students and University community members (University faculty, employees, staff, and students) to continue to reserve public spaces on campus to engage in expressive activities.
  • The University will no longer require preregistration for University community members unless there is a significant concern for campus safety or a need for significant crowd control, noise amplification, or other characteristics which have a strong likelihood of disrupting the educational activities of the University.
  • University community members do not need to register expressive activities that do not require crowd control or material support, or other activities that may impact the educational activities of the University.
  • If a University community member does not reserve space, their use will be subordinate to preregistered activities with the University.

EXTERNAL groups are required to complete the space request by clicking "Begin" on this form


If you have any questions or you have not been contacted after THREE business days after you have submitted this form, please contact us at 

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