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Casey Hayden
Jan 23, 2017

Feb. 2nd in Red Square: Clothing & Donation Drive

Jan 23, 2017 by Casey Hayden

The following is a message from Sam Schultz of the Student Economics Association. SEA is looking for clubs to help out with their clothing and donation drive happening February 2nd in Red Square. 

Please take the time to learn about this great event, and even if your club can't join in, hopefully you'll be able to drop-off some clothes and enjoy the donuts and coffee that will be there. 

Hello everyone!

The Student Economics Association, Student Marketing Association, and Western’s “Western Cares” outreach program are spearheading the production of a clothing drive for the homeless community and cash donations that will be funneled to our local Opportunity Council. The Opportunity council takes part in helping lower income families meet comfortable living standards, the development of our younger generations so that we may have a better future, and overall helps develop the Bellingham community we live in. We believe these to be virtuous activities that the world could use more of in light of the massive disparity within wealth inequality and educational attainment. Also, it has been excruciatingly cold as of late and we bet that a homeless person could really use some of the warm clothes that many haven’t been wearing or have replaced! Any clothing items will be accepted and appreciated.

Right now we have all the material to put this event on. We also have this event university approved and in turn they have given us an official Western logo to use under the "Western Cares" university outreach program and a Snapchat Geo-filter for the event! The university is also committed to helping us with a marketing campaign for this event. All we need is a hard commit to being a part of this altruistic event! Doing good never seemed so easy right? 

When sending in commits please also send your club’s logo in a PDF file so that it can be placed in marketing materials. Also please direct those who will be available to the attached "Doodle" form that is linked below so that we can see whose going to be available at what times and schedule accordingly so that we have at least a few people taking donations at any one time at both locations. The form is very easy to use and self-explanatory, but you may have to download the app. We will have rolling participation for those who want to participate, but if you wish to be part of advertising we need your clubs logo in a PDF by Jan 26 so please be prompt in your responses.

The day of the event is Feb 2nd and will start at 7:00am and will end at 4:00pm. Please email all logos to . 

Like I said we’re going to have a spot at Red Square and at Vendors Row. The Red Square location will be outfitted with a space heater, table, chairs, boxes for donations, and a till for cash donations. The Vendors row location will have tables, chairs, boxes for donations, and a till for cash donations. Decorations/advertising will be affixed to each location as well. Donuts from Rocket Donuts will be at both locations for handing out and coffee dispensers from Woods Coffee are expected to be there, but we haven’t heard back from them yet. We will only be encouraging people to donate clothing or cash items for a coffee/donut, but we will not be directly soliciting to anyone that they must donate in order to have a coffee/donut. All cash donations will be given to the local Opportunity council. This is a non-profit organization and therefore falls under the 501c3 tax code. Clothing donations will be handed out by club members at Bellingham’s homeless shelter at a later date. 


Thanks in advance for your commits and for all the hard work you club leaders and members are already doing by building connections in and outside the university. You all truly are making our Bellingham community a wonderful place to live, learn, and connect. 


Sam Schultz                                                                                                                  


Student Economics Association

P.S. this is the link to the scheduling portal