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Club Closet Space Registration

Use this form to register for a space in the Club Closet!

The Club Closet has been divided into 72 storage slots. These spaces have been divided into small and large sizes.

Clubs are allowed up to two (2) spaces in the Club Closet. You will be given appropriate sized containers to use for your space, unless you request and receive clearance to use your own containers. These containers remain AS Property and are to be handled with care.

Once a quarter, Clubs will be required to check in with a member of the Club Hub Staff and verify that the contents of their storage space are up to date and contained in their space; as well as verifying that any signage stored against the wall or in the tri-fold section is current and in use. After two quarters without check in, materials stored in the Club Closet are subject to removal.

Signage and other materials that don't fit in containers may be placed in the Club Closet only if they are banners or tri-folds, or are specifically registered and approved with an AS Club Hub Staff Member.

The Club Closet floor is to remain clear at all times. Clubs that place materials on the floor will be contacted, and those materials removed if not heard from in a timely manner.

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