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Welcome to Penn State Behrend's 

Student Government Association page! 

The Student Government Association is the governing body for all clubs and organizations on campus. Please join our group to receive updates and to directly communicate your ideas for furthering student life. Our meetings are every Thursday at 6:00 PM in Reed 114.

Recent Resolutions:

SGA is a proud supporter of the Mary Behrend Monument that honors the woman and family who gave us the wonderful opportunity to attend school in such a great place. Please consider supporting this amazing project!

Join an SGA Committee
SGA has seven committees that are open to all students!

Student Affairs Committee:
Want to see a change in student life at Behrend? The Student Affairs Committee tackles a variety of issues that affect students' lives outside of class at Behrend.
Goals: Add printers to all residents halls.
For more information email  Katelyn Hancock:
Public Relations Committee:
Do you have a strong interest in graphic design or want to sharpen your advertising skills? The Public Relations Committee is tasked with creating all of the advertising for the SGA as well as run all of the SGA's social media accounts.
Goals: Humans of Behrend.
For more information email  Miles Turner:
Academic Affairs Committee:
Want to see a change in academics at Behrend? Join the Academic Affairs Committee to work with the faculty and create a positive change in Behrend Academics.
Goals: Get the RA class to be a credited class.
For more information email  Samantha Oliver:
Diversity Committee:
Want to work with Behrend leaders on awareness and diversity on campus? You can sit on the Diversity Committee and create a change in awareness and tolerance of diversity at Behrend.
Goals: Promote diversity and acceptance through awareness.
For more information email Seun Babalola:

Community Affairs Committee:
Whether you have lived in Erie your entire life or have fallen in love with it while you've been here at Behrend, you can create a stronger bond between the community and Behrend as a member of the Community Affairs Committee.
Goals: Slow down traffic on Jordan Rd to make it safer for students to cross.
For more information email  Nate Morgus:
Elections Committee:
Do you have what it takes to run a real election? The elections committee is in charge of organizing and running the SGA elections in the Fall and Spring semester.
Goals: Get 700 students to vote in the Spring 2016 elections.
For more information email Craig Miranda:

Scholarship Committee:
College is expensive, and the Scholarship Committee not only strives to raise money for endowments that go directly back to the students, but also strive to raise the philanthropic ideals of the students at the Behrend College. 
Goals: Raise $20,000 for the Student Government Association Leadership Scholarship.
For more information email  Marco Nunez:

Helpful Student Links

Please consider taking initiative and getting involved on campus and with projects and initiatives that affect you and your classmates! We'd love to hear your opinion: If you would like to learn more about SGA and what we are working on, please contact the SGA President, Moustafa Elhadary at, or one of our members. 

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The Student Government Association is the governing body of The Behrend College student population. We shall strive to give voice to the student body on opinions of academic and co-curricular affairs; to support such academic and co-curricular activities that contribute to the enhancement of the social and intellectual life of students; to represent the interests of the student body to the administration, faculty and staff; and to support the rights of students in all matters.


Student Government Association

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Thursday at 6:00 pm in Reed 114


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