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Welcome to KSA !

The Korean Student Association (KSA) at Chapman exists to provide Korean and non-Korean students a place to learn more and appreciate the Korean culture (also, we love making new friends)! 

Meeting times: Every Monday 8-9PM at Henley Basement

Portal Information


The purpose of KSA:

1. To heighten the awareness of the Korean culture at Chapman University.

2. To provide an educational and safe space for social opportunities where students (Korean and non-Korean) can learn more and engage with the Korean culture and history.

3. To network with other Southern California Korean Student Associations on other campuses to be part of a larger Korean community.


Diversity/Cultural Organizations

Student Organization Email Address
President's Name

Josie Tiffany

What unique contribution will this organization bring to campus?

As listed in our constitution,
Section 1: The purpose of KSA:
1. To heighten the cultural awareness of Korea at Chapman University
2. To provide educational and social opportunities for students to be engaged with Korean culture, language, and history
3. To spread awareness about the human rights violations oppressing North Koreans