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Student Travel Notification Form

Student Travel Notification Form
Request for Authorized Use of State Fleet Vehicles
North Dakota State University

This request is to be completed by the faculty, staff member, advisor, and/or trip leader.

For information about reserving a state fleet vehicle please visit this website:

Student Organizations must notify the Student Activities Office of your travel plans by filling out this form.

If travel is for a class, all travelers must be enrolled in the class. Include class roster.  Authorization for student organizations to utilize state fleet vehicles is not likely.

We suggest that student organizations contact Enterprise rental cars at 4453 West Main Ave, Fargo - (701) 492-9595

Please note that EACH student that will be traveling on the trip also needs to complete the "Student Field Trip Informed Consent, Assumption of Risk and Release Form" found on the NDSU General Counsel website:

The completed forms can be turned into the Student Activities Office before departure.

Thank you

If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.