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Nuru International

Service Leadership - Nuru identifies, screens and mentors local leaders in the principles of service leadership (humility, growth-focused, leading by example, feedback driven). We then mobilize the community into groups led by these local leaders. Our community mobilization model is an effective platform to introduce innovative solutions that address the community’s needs. Nuru’s Western staff remains behind the scenes, coaching the local leaders and supplying them with the expertise they need to implement all aspects of Nuru’s model.

General Contractor of NGOs - Nuru’s Research Team studies both the social and private sectors to identify the most effective methods of fighting extreme poverty in our five areas of development (Agriculture, Water & Sanitation, Healthcare, Education and Community Economic Development). Top organizations specializing in these methods (such as One Acre Fund and Living Water International) are invited to join Nuru in addressing the needs of our communities. Nuru coordinates these organizations simultaneously as a sort of “general contractor,” maximizing both Nuru’s and our partners' effectiveness and efficiency.

Measurement and Evaluation - Nuru is pioneering a system of metrics to measure our own effectiveness and serve as a “universal measuring stick” to assess the impact of other organizations. Nuru's Research Team conducts yearly audits of our work on the ground and of our metric system itself. To ensure transparency we commission regular 3rd party evaluation of both our methodology and our impact.

Sustainability and Scalability - Nuru integrates revenue generation models into all five of our program areas. Income generated by these models is channeled into a village bank which eventually enables the community to achieve financial self-sustainability. This enables the exit of all Western staff and funding after five years. In addition, Nuru’s service leadership network continues to scale our programs to neighboring districts, eventually achieving national impact. 

Address: 71 Manzanita Rd
              Atherton, CA 94027 


Contact Information: Phone: 949-366-6878