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Welcome to the NKU Community Service Webpage.  This is the place to find upcoming volunteer opportunities for yourself or your organization.  We seek to serve and better the local community. 

For ongoing volunteer opportunities please click Pages on the left hand menu and select Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities.

Please go the the FORMS section on the left tool bar to register for Welcome Week Day of Service or Service on Saturday.

How do Iog my service hours?

  1. After the service, complete a TIMESHEET in the Community Service group by:
    • Go to MORE on the toolbar
    • Then click on Involvement
    • Record your hours on the timesheet form

Please complete the timesheet and fill in a reference who can confirm that you did the service. 


How do I become one of Victor’s Volunteers?

The Northern Kentucky Leadership Institute wants to recognize all of the service that you give to the campus and local community!   The program is called “Victor’s Volunteers.”  The program is very simple and easy!  Basically, any student who participates in at least 25 hours of community service will receive service certification from the university.  This is a great way to receive recognition for your work and build your resume!  A special reception will be held for all of the Victors Volunteers in April.  

Sign Up!
Please request to join the Community Service organization in OrgSync by visiting  . Registering does not mean that you are obligated to finish the program. You can keep track of your progress and receive attendance updates through OrgSync.

Come to Events!

Check your account and the Community Service calendar regularly for upcoming service opportunities.  Here are just a few service opportunities for the fall:

Welcome Week Day of Service!  Saturday, August 26

Join members of Northern Kentucky Leadership Institute and give back to the local community. Please meet on the first floor of the Student Union. Your time slot will be emailed to you. Carpools will be arranged. Students must register by Thursday, August 24 to reserve their service site.

Students must complete 25 hours in one academic year (August-April) to become one of Victor’s Volunteers. 

For more details, please contact Nick Bliven or Brandi Mulligan.



Portal Information


The community service portal is dedicated to bringing ongoing community service opportunities to the general student body here at NKU. If you are interested in getting involved with community service this is a great place to check out upcoming events or contact the community service coordinator.


Community Service

Purpose or Mission Statement

Please describe your organization and explain your general mission or purpose.

This is a portal dedicated to providing service opportunities to all NKU students.

Date of Establishment

Please list the Year your organization was established with NKU. If you know the exact Month/Day/Year, please list.

Aug 10, 1964

Meeting Location


Contact Email for Inquiries

Please list organization email if your group has one that you would like to use for questions and inquiries.

President Name

Nick Bliven

President's Email Address
Vice President or Co-President


Vice President or Co-President Email Address
Faculty/Staff Advisor

Nick Bliven