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Hello and Welcome to Ultimate!

You have chosen to participate in the quickly growing world of Collegiate Men's Ultimate at Sonoma State University!

The 2019-2020 season will begin this fall. Recruitment dates will begin this summer on Sonoma State campus and will continue throughout the year. We are looking forward to a very successful year of competition, internal growth, and spirit of the game. We call ourselves the "Grapes of Wrath" appropriately named after the wine country. The following is to give you an idea of what we have accomplished as a program so far throughout the years and what we are looking forward to in the future...

-2011-2012 Season - Took 1st place at the Presidents Day Qualifyer in SLO, Ca. Finished 14th in the region at regionals in Scottsdale, Arizona.

-Go to College Nationals 2020!

-During November we will be hosting the annual Grape Escape Tournament put on by ultimate community at SSU!!!

-The creation and sales of discs that represent the Grapes of Wrath!! (If you have any ideas contact any of the officers)

-Bring "A" Team to major tournaments. Also bring "X" and "Y" Teams to help players develop and practice new skills at lower level tournaments.

-Bring in new players who love ultimate, want to learn more about ultimate, who want to have fun, who want to meet new people and who want to play ultimate!!! All are welcome!

-Other than having fun we also want to develop skills of commitment, time management, and responsibility. This means doing what is necessary as an individual to benefit the team as a whole.

Thanks for being a team player and honoring the game of ultimate. We'll see you out on the field! 

Zachary Ormsby

President/Captains of the Grapes of Wrath

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