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The Yard Show

Thursday, Nov 17, 7 pm
Student Union, Atrium.

An exciting show put on by the Divine 9, displaying their individual uniqueness through steps, chants, songs, and strolls, while at the same time showing NPHC's undivided connection. Its Greek Life at its finest. 

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Urban Royalty: Fashion Show

Wednesday, Nov 16, 6:30 pm
Student Union, Apollo Room.

A fashion show like no other, staring students form all over Ohio who have sought out an education at Wright State University but deep down have the passion to model. Featuring local designers from surrounding cities, this will be an event you don't want to miss. DRESS TO IMPRESS, the red carpet will be out. 

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Friday, Sep 9, 9 pm
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy Student Union Apollo Room

This event is an on campus party to welcome back current students and welcome incoming students. This event is also open to individuals at other colleges and universities.

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Wild N' Out BSU Edition

Monday, Mar 21, 6 pm
Student Union: Apollo Room

A recreation of MTV's hit TV Show Wild N' Out, this is an event that will have the winning team smiling form ear to ear. Two teams will compete against each other in rap/ comedic battles, the team with the most laughs gets to meet and greet the cast of the real Wild N' Out.

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Black Graduation

Thursday, Dec 10, 6 pm

A celebration/ ceremony honoring all of the African- American students with Kente Stoles for achieving their degree after hard work and odds stacked against them.

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Way With Words: The Live Gallery

Thursday, Nov 19, 8 pm
Student Union: Rathskellar

A combination of a poetry show and a live demonstration of an artist craft.

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Miss Black Wright State

Wednesday, Nov 18, 7 pm
Student Union: Apollo Room

A beauty pageant to display the elegance, talent, and knowledge of African- American women.

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Talent Show

Friday, Nov 20, 7 pm
120 Medical Science

This will be a talent show case for anyone to participate in and share with the campus of WSU what they do best.

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Church Service

Sunday, Nov 15, 3 pm
Student Union: Apollo Room

A day for praise, worship, and testimony on Wright State Universities campus.

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Yard Show

Friday, Nov 13, 7 pm
Student Union: Apollo Room

A show case of the divine nines stepping and strolling skills.

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The ReEstablishment

Saturday, Nov 7, 10 pm
Student Union:Apollo Room

An engaging function for individuals to network with college students from other local universities and previous attendee's.

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Non- Greek Stroll Off

Thursday, Nov 12, 7 pm
Student Union: Atrium

Students who are Non Greeks will get the opportunity to create their very own interpretation of Greek strolls with the help of NPHC and battle off in a competition to see who's is the most creative.

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BSU Icebreaker

Saturday, Aug 30, 10 pm
Apollo Room

BSU's Annual beginning of the school year Icebreaker where we will share with the student body a live DJ, great music and a theme that invites Everybody to be apart. Theme: 80's/90's House Party !

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Heritage Ball

Saturday, Feb 22, 7 pm
2800 Presidental Dr. Fairborn Ohio

The Annual Black Student Union Heritage Ball. There will be food, dancing and entertainment.

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Non-Greek Stroll Off

Friday, Oct 18, 8 pm
Student Union Apollo Room

Non-Greek members are welcome to come out and respectfully stroll by being coached by an NPHC member.

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Miss Black Wright State

Thursday, Oct 17, 8 pm
Apollo Room

Female WSU students are welcome to come out and participate in this annual beauty pageant. 

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BSU Talent Show

Monday, Oct 14, 8 pm
Apollo Room

Wright State students are encouraged to come out and showcase their talents in the Apollo Room for their peers and supporters. 

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Wednesday, Oct 10, 7 pm
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Thursday, Sep 20, 5 pm


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