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Welcome to the Latino Student Organization's OrgSync page!

Whether you are Latino, have a love for the Latino culture, or just want to learn and share cultural and world experiences with others whom wish to do the same, come join us! We are always open to new members and people who would like to come to our events.

Portal Information


The Latino Student Organization is a cultural and social non-profit organization formed to promote Latino Culture and inter-cultural unity on campus and in the general Northern Kentucky area. We host several social events throughout the year, such as LSO Game Nights, Coffee Hours, and Movie Nights, as well as collaborate with other cultural organizations. We also try to give back to our community through community service, especially service having to do with the Latino Community, as well as host a few fundraisers in order to raise money for supplies we may need for events.



Purpose or Mission Statement

Please describe your organization and explain your general mission or purpose.

To build a sense of community between Latino and non-Latino students by sharing common views on political, economical, social, educational, and cultural issues.

Date of Establishment

Please list the Year your organization was established with NKU. If you know the exact Month/Day/Year, please list.

Aug 1, 2011

Meeting Location

Student Union Third Floor

Contact Email for Inquiries

Please list organization email if your group has one that you would like to use for questions and inquiries.

President Name

Hector Anaya

President's Email Address
Vice President or Co-President

Andrea Moreno

Vice President or Co-President Email Address
Faculty/Staff Advisor

Mayra Sidler Guzman