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Organization Overview

Gamma Epsilon Tau (GET) is the honorary/service organization for Graphic Communication Students. Clemson's GET, the Xi chapter, is the 14th chapter of its kind at college campuses around the country.

Category Undergraduate - Honorary
Keywords Graphic Communications, Graphics, Arts, Art, Honors, Honor, Design, Communications, Graphic, printing, GC
Regular Meeting Location

Godfrey Atrium

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Purpose/Description of Organization

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The purposes and ideals of Gamma Epsilon Tau are:
a. To recognize excellence and to broaden the individual through a never ending search for greater knowledge.
b. To provide service to the school and community.
c. The establishing of friendship among those willing to work toward the preservation and furtherance of Graphic Communications.

Primary Student Officer Title?

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Lisa Car

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Katherine Redmond

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Eric Weisenmiller

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