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Christopher Lamont Cooper
Nov 1, 2017

Don't Burnout!

Nov 1, 2017 by Christopher Lamont Cooper

Not sleeping or eating has no cool, strong, or hero-worthy aspect associated with it! 

We are inching toward the end of the semester here at ECU in about a month and finals season will be here before you know it! Taking finals can encourage a disturbing culture of not sleeping, eating and taking care of oneself. With that is the bad habit of pushing your body to total burnout and breakdown! 


Encourage yourself and others around you to do the following in the last stretch of this semester:

  • Check in with each other on a genuine level
  • Participate in events and conversations outside of academics
  • Don't compare grades
  • Take breaks when necessary; get out of the library!
  • Don't overcommit and be honest about your schedules
  • Don't glamourize unhealthy behaviors such as not sleeping or eating

You need balance, food, and sleep! Help is here for you!