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Christopher Lamont Cooper
Oct 25, 2017

Safety First: Halloween Night!

Oct 25, 2017 by Christopher Lamont Cooper

Halloween at ECU and in the Greenville community can be and is a big deal! As it quickly approaches, here are 10 safety tips to help you navigate your Halloween night safely! 

1. Stay Alert! Don't accept handouts and be conscious of your surroundings. 

2. Use the Buddy system! Go out with a group and leave with that same group.

3. Eat and hydrate properly!

4. Avoid costumes that make you unrecognizable in large crowds! 

5. Know your physical limits, watch what you drink, and don't drink and drive!

6. Be kind and cautious! 

7. Obey the law and the rules and regulations of where you are going!

8. Carry Emergency Cash!

9. Trust your instincts!

10. If you're uncomfortable at any time, let someone know and get out!


Note: Halloween Safety Trivia Night, an event sponsored by CRW where students will compete in trivia an answer questions related to ECU Halloween traditions and campus safety is today at 10/25 at 5:00pm

Don't forget Halloween Havoc is next Tuesday!