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Event Planning Request Form

This form is for Chartered Student Organizations (CSOs) and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) through ASG only. This form is used to start the process to plan an event, meeting, or tabling. This form must be approved by the staff at the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) before your event is confirmed. Samantha Kibbish (408-551-1751, is your primary contact at CSI. Once your request has been approved, your CSI advisor may also contact you directly to discuss your event details to make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

This form is due 3 full business days prior to (and not counting) the event date. This 3-day deadline allows time for Samantha to consult with the appropriate building managers around campus to confirm your reservation request. Use this table to see the deadlines to submit reservation requests:

If your event is on this day Then the reservation deadline is by
Monday 12:00 noon the previous Wednesday
Tuesday 12:00 noon the previous Thursday
Wednesday 12:00 noon the previous Friday
Thursday 12:00 noon the previous Monday
Friday 12:00 noon the previous Tuesday
Saturday 12:00 noon the previous Wednesday
Sunday 12:00 noon the previous Wednesday


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