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Organization Overview

The Norse Leadership Society NKU's Premier Leadership Organization

Category Leadership
Keywords norse, northern kentucky university, leadership, premier, nku, leaders
Purpose or Mission Statement

Please describe your organization and explain your general mission or purpose.

The mission of NLS is to serve the students of Northern Kentucky University by being the premiere leadership development student organization on campus. NLS will provide leadership building programs and activities which cultivate a foundation of leadership developmental skills either independently or through association with local or national organizations.

Date of Establishment

Please list the Year your organization was established with NKU. If you know the exact Month/Day/Year, please list.

Apr 1, 1999

Regular Meeting Date / Time

4/3/13 - 3:30PM

Meeting Location

SU 302

President Name

Brenna Bartlett

President's Email Address
Vice President or Co-President

Erin McCarty

Vice President or Co-President Email Address
Faculty/Staff Advisor

Tiffany Mayse