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Associated Students | Produce Growers (PG) Grant Application


  1. PG Grants will only be awarded to regularly matriculated students of Sonoma State University.
  2. Graduating seniors, graduate students and students starting their 5th year (or more) are only eligible to receive a grant in the first review period (the initial specified date of review)
  3. Students receiving grants in the final review period must be enrolled as a full-time student for the upcoming fall semester.
  4. PG Grants will be awarded at specific dates with in the academic calendar – spaced apart approximately monthly, with the exception of NO grants being awarded in March or April.
  5. PG Grants will run on the Associated Students’ fiscal year.  If five grants are approved prior to June 30 of a given year, no new grants will be available until the first day of instruction of the following fall semester.
  6. Officers and employees of the Associated Students, and its programs, are not eligible to receive a PG Grant.


  1. First priority will go to applicants who have applied before but were denied due to a limited number of available grants and have never received a PG Grant.
  2. Second priority will go to applicants who are applying for a PG Grant for the first time.
  3. Third priority will go to applicants who applied before and were denied a grant based on a problem with their application materials, but have never received a PG Grant.
  4. Fourth priority will go to applicants who are prior recipients of a PG Grant.
  5. The aforementioned priority rankings will be applied to valid applications in the queue on the specified date of review.

Processing & Payment

  1. Applicants will receive notice on the disposition of their application no more than one week from the specified date of review.  Notification will be in the form of e-mail to the address on the application.
  2. Applicants will be reimbursed for expenses incurred against their grant all at one time.  Request for reimbursement must include: an AS Expenditure voucher, original itemized receipts and a CA 204 from the grantee.
  3. It is preferred that applicants using the grant to purchase insurance use an AS credit card, from an AS professional staff member, to make the purchase.
  4. Students who receive a grant but withdraw from the university, drop all their classes, etc. will be responsible to reimburse the Associated Students for the amount expended from their grant.

This form closed on January 23, 2015 12:00 PM PST