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Lobby Corps Application

Potential Lobby Corp Members should be prepared to represent Sonoma State students to our local Assembly, Senate, and Congressmen. Serving on Lobby Corp will give students an opportunity to meet with local legislators, gain public speaking skills, and be the groundwork for change at the capitol. They should also be ready to take the opportunity to make lobby calls and visits to local legislator’s offices as well as Sacramento (most transportation provided by Associated Students).

 Further responsibilities:

  • Participate in bi-monthly meetings for the entire academic year
  • Council and educate AS senate on which bills to support or oppose to properly represent our student body
  • Research and discuss legislative issues.-selected bills during meetings.
  • Be available for calls
  • Generate awareness of Lobby Corps. events such as capital hearings, conferences, legislative visits, capitol tours, etc.
  • Participate in events (i.e. public hearings, press conferences, CHESS, etc.)

Core Competencies:

  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Self-motivated and comfortable taking initiative
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with a diverse student population

The Associated Students Legislative Affairs & Special Projects Coordinator will review the application and make efforts to make sure you can attend meetings as well as give a level of commitment to the up and coming program. It is important to remember that you do not need to be a Political Science major to be involved in Sonoma State Lobby Corp. These issues we will be advocating for impact every California State Student, and even students across the country.

If you have any question , please email or stop by the AS Senate office in the Student Union.

Please indicate the position you are interested in serving on Lobby Corp.(Keep in mind a Chair will be appointed at the first Lobby Corp meeting, to participate please still apply for a member at large Position .)

1. Assistant Legislative Affairs Coordinator

Take diligent notes at Lobby Corps at bi-monthly meeting

Help Legislative Coordinator with event planning on campus as well as coordinating off campus events (March in March etc.)

2. Advocacy Coordinator (2)

Along with the AS Legislative Affairs Coordinator, you will be developing a relationship with local representative’s offices and setting up lobby visits to local offices.


3. Strategic Communication Officer (Marketing) (2)

Handle marketing for Lobby Corp

                -develop student outreach campaigns

                -manage grassroots events

                -get Sonoma State students involved and engaged in our efforts

                -utilizing Social Media and Flyers (mad by AS mac team) to keep students informed on the issues

4. Research Analyst Coordinator (2)

Taking lengthy bills that impacting Sonoma State students and condense them into a Bill Analysis template.

Lobby Corps success will be dependent upon these coordinator’s information, conversation and advocacy which they bring to meetings as well as lobby visits.

5. Member at Large

Stay informed of legislation impacting students

Attend bi-monthly meetings

Work with AS Senate to pass Resolutions in support of bills that benefit CSU students.

Keep in mind you do not have to go on any or all lobby visits you can participate in Lobby corp in many ways.

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