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Welcome to Metropolitan State University of Denver's Student Government Assembly!  

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Elections are around the corner!

The process begins in February 2017. Please email for more information!


Elections time line 2017!


February 6 – Elections announced

February 15 – Candidate Applications available in Tivoli 305

February 20 – Campaigning begins


March 8- Information Meeting (Senate Chambers 11:30-1:30)

March 13 – Last day to pick-up Candidate Packets

March 17 – Election Applications / Packets deadline


April 3 – Final List of Candidates announced

April 5 – Info Meeting + Luncheon (Senate Chambers 11:30 – 1:30)

April 10 – ES Tabling/Elections Balloting

April 10- *Election Week Begins* Flagpole (10:00-2:00)

April 11- Flagpole (10:00-2:00)

April 12- Flagpole(10:00-2:00)/ Multicultural Lounge(10:00-1:00)

April 13- Flagpole(10:00-2:00)/Multicultural Lounge(10:00-1:00)

April 14 – *Election Week Ends*

April 18 – Violations acceptance deadline

April 25 – Issue Violations deadline

April 28 – Final List of Election results announced

Portal Information


To support the mission of Metropolitan State University of Denver the Student Government Assembly advocates for students interests, provides leadership opportunities, and enhances the university experience by unifying and empowering students.

The SGA serves students by actively soliciting student involvement in the formulation of university policies and encourage student participation in all other matters that directly or indirectly affect the student body. We encourage student participation by creating opportunities through the projects and programs that are internally developed, and building on professional and leadership skills in order for students to graduate with the tools necessary to be successful in the job market.

The SGA also strives to maintain meaningful communication between the student body and the various other groups within the university and surrounding communities. As a group, we sit on over 30 university committees with faculty, staff, and administrators discussing ideas and plans for change.


Student Governance

Organization email

Registered organizations have been provided a email address. This email address is posted publicly on your portal and is what will be used for official organization email communication, so please make sure you are checking your org email regularly.
The listed President in this registration form will be granted access to your organization email account once your registration is complete. If you are unsure of what your msudenver org email is, please contact: or 303-556-2595 and someone will look it up for you.

Meeting Time

SGA Team meeting every Friday at 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Meeting location

SSB 324

President (Primary Officer)

Note: This officer has financial responsibility.

Liz Milewski

Presidents Email

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Vice President (Secondary Officer)

Richy Ramos

Vice Presidents Email

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Treasurer (Financial Officer)

Note: This officer has a financial obligation.

Anesa Jenkins

Treasurer's Email

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Secretary (Administrative Officer)

Angie Cole

Secretary's email

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Primary Advisor

Angela LeValley

Primary Advisors Email

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