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                                  2012-2013 STUDENT ORGANIZATION PRESIDENT AGREEMENT

President Responsibilities
ALL registered student organizations are required to renew their student organization annually, in April. Student organization Presidents are encouraged to be informed and inform general membership of university policies, rules and regulations applicable to student organizations. The President should consult the Advisor and/or the Office of Student Activities when the student organization fails to heed his/her advice regarding activities not in accordance with university policy and the organization’s mission statement. Presidents are strongly encouraged to fulfill the following expectations from the Office of Student Activities. The responsibilities should also be mutually negotiated between Advisors and students, and may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • To notify the Advisor of all meetings and events.
  • To consult with the Advisor in the planning of projects and events. 
  • To consult the Advisor before any changes in the structure of the organization or in the policies of the organization are made, and before major projects are undertaken. 
  • To understand that although the Advisor has no vote that he/she should have speaking privileges. 
  • To remember that the responsibility of success or failure rests ultimately with the organization, not the Advisor. 
  • To discuss any problems or concerns with the Advisor. 
  • To acknowledge that the Advisor's time and energy are donated, and express appreciation. 
  • To be clear and open about your expectations for your Advisor's role. 
  • To periodically evaluate your Advisor and give appropriate feedback. 
  • To update the Office of Student Activities (via MyOrgs) of all organizational changes, (i.e: officer changes, new Advisor, constitution revisions, etc.
  • To ensure the organization is working towards set goals in accordance with mission. 
  • To utilize developmental resources and opportunities provided by the Office of Student Activities . 

Presidents are required to submit this agreement of acknowledgement and understanding of their responsibilities. 

Please note: Student organization renewals will not be processed without this completed form.

This form closed on May 2, 2012 5:00 PM EDT