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Kelsey M Jackson
Apr 25, 2016

Get Your Ducks in a Row Before Leaving for Summer Break!

Apr 25, 2016 by Kelsey M Jackson

With the craziness of finals about to hit, make sure you don’t forget about your student organization and getting ready for the 2016-2017 academic year! All student organizations, fraternities and sororities, and sports clubs are required to register with Student Involvement in the Center for Campus Life each fall* and complete Risk Management Training** to maintain their status as a registered student organization at Texas Tech University. Below is A TON of great information and resources on Student Org Registration, Risk Management Training, RRO Student Org Fair Sign-ups, & Officer/Leadership Transition Resources:


Student Org Registration

DEADLINE: August 29, 2016 (First Day of Class)

All Student Organizations, Sports Clubs, and Fraternities & Sororities must register on OrgSync by August 29, 2016 at midnight. In the registration and on the University Policy Agreement, make sure you are submitting officer information for the 2016-2017 academic year.

As part of the 2016-2017 Registration, we will be reviewing every organization’s Constitution and Bylaws. The Student Handbook requires that an organization’s constitution and/or by-laws should address a minimum of these areas: purpose, membership selection and removal, officer titles, duties, election and removal, departmental and/or external relationships, financial procedures, procedures for decision making, advisor selection and expectations, and parliamentary authority. Make sure your organization’s constitution and bylaws includes, at a minimum, all of this information as it pertains to your organization. You can also find a constitution/bylaws guide on our website.

If you have questions about the registration process, let Kelsey Jackson know via email ( or by calling 806-742-5433.

Student Organization Registration Information & University Policy Agreement Download

Sports Club Registration Information & University Policy Agreement Download

Fraternity & Sorority Registration Information & University Policy Agreement Download

Registration Tip: Complete registration and get the University Policy Agreement done BEFORE everyone leaves for the summer. It is way easier to get people’s signatures while everyone is still in town.


Student Org Risk Management Training

If your student organization did not attend the Student Org Academy on April 2nd and you want to complete your REQUIRED Risk Management Training before the fall semester then attend one of the trainings offered the last week in April. Remember all student organizations are required to send one officer to a RM training each year. Here are the two trainings offered before the end of the year.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4:00 PM  SUB Escondido Theater



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

6:00 PM SUB Escondido Theater



You have to register to attend to ensure we have a seat for you and please arrive at least 30 minutes early to have time to check in. The training will last 1 ½ hours and the later we start the later we will end. We would prefer for presidents to attend but if you are not available during either of these dates or times you can send another officer but they need to register.

If you have any questions please email


RRO Summer Student Org Fair Sign-Ups

DEADLINE: June 2, 2016

Mandatory Training Dates: Monday, May 2 at 4pm or Thursday, May 5 at 4pm, both in the SUB Senate room. RSVP to a training through the RRO Sign-Up form on OrgSync

2016 Red Raider Orientation Student Organization Fair

Sign-up for a table at the RRO Student Org Fairs to promote your organization and recruit incoming Red Raiders to join your organization!

Sign Up For a Table at RRO:


If you have any questions, contact the Center for Campus Life 806-742-5433


Officer/Leadership Transition Resources

Officer/Leadership transition is the single most important event in your student organization’s year. Officer transition has the power to determine the effectiveness of the group for YEARS TO COME! (No pressure)

  • Officer Transition is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy – Officer/Leadership transition does take some planning and effort. But it’ll be worth it! (I promise!)
  • Officer Transition could be smooth or a complete disaster- Officer transition a hard thing to do 100% seamlessly.
  • Officer Transition doesn’t look the same for every group – Everyone has their own way of doing it and not one way is the best or perfect.

*** It’s important to figure out what works best for your organization!!! But hopefully this presentation will provide a few tips you can incorporate in your organization’s transition

&& You are not alone! You have your advisor, other CCL Staff, and myself to help you!

Utilize these resources to ensure a smooth, and successful officer transition:

-Officer Transition Checklist

-Your Guide to Officer Transition Infographic

-Team Building SOLD Blog Post

If you have any questions, contact the Center for Campus Life 806-742-5433 or