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Kelsey M Jackson
Feb 3, 2016

Get Your Student Org Event NOTICED! OrgSync Events Tutorial & the Texas Tech Community Calendar

Feb 3, 2016 by Kelsey M Jackson

Having events and meetings is one of the most important things that your student organization does to perpetuate the community and friendships established within your organization. Events are not only to bring current members together, but to also allow new, interested students to experience your organization. OrgSync's Event Tool is a great way to let your organization and the Texas Tech Community know what is going on with your Organization!

Creating an Event on OrgSync

Adding your events to  your organization's OrgSync profile is another great way to market your events to the Texas Tech Community.

To create a new event, locate the Events tool along your organization’s top menu. Next, select ‘Create New Event’ in the top right of the page. If you do not see this button then you do not have admin access for the Events module. In this case you will need to contact an existing admin or Student Involvement in order to request this access. 

Creating an event is an easy process. There are four required fields for every event: name, category, start date, and end date. The other settings are optional but provide a significant amount of customization. Each of the sections on the event creation form are described in detail below.

  • Details: These are the most basic details of your event. What’s the name? When is it happening? These questions are straightforward but one thing to note is the Location/Address field. If you enter an address, OrgSync will automatically generate a Google Maps link.
  • Event Image: Upload an image for your event! This will display on event list and will make your event more appealing to interested users. Use the recommended image size (215 by 215 pixels) for the best results.
  • Participants: Determine if you want to take RSVPs for the event. You can allow for unlimited RSVPs, a defined number, or none at all.
  • Who can see this?: Determine who should see the event. If you don't have any restrictions, choose the public option. If you only want org members to attend, choose the option that lists the name of your org. If you want to get really exclusive, choose selected groups and click the checkboxes to determine exactly who should attend.
  • Portal/Calendar Sharing: You can request that your event be shared to the Texas Tech Community Calendar. If you choose this option, you'll likely have to wait for approval by Student Involvement. More information on the Texas Tech Community Calendar and criteria to get events posted can be found later in this article.

Advanced Options

This section allows you to setup various items that prompt users to enter information. Continue reading for an explanation of each.

  • Pre-Registration Form: Require users to complete a form before their RSVP goes through. The forms you can choose from must exist in the forms section of your Events tool. To navigate to this list, select Events along your portal’s toolbar and select Event Forms from the right-hand navigation. This is separate from the Forms tool.
  • Post-Event Form: Require users to complete a post-event assessment before their participation can be used on involvement records. The form you select is sent to users the moment you assign them participation to the event. The forms you can choose from are also found in the Event Forms section (described in the last paragraph).
  • Reflection: Require users to complete a reflection before their participation can be used on involvement records. The reflection piece is an open-ended text entry that allows users to record their takeaway from the event. This is sent to users as soon as they are assigned participation to the event.
  • Learning Outcomes: Require users to select learning outcomes before their participation can be used on involvement records. The learning outcomes provided to the user are determined in your community’s involvement settings. This is sent to users as soon as they are assigned participation to the event.

When all of your settings look correct, click the 'Create' button at the bottom of the page.

Texas Tech Community Calendar

The Texas Tech Community Calendar is a feature through OrgSync used to feature and promote upcoming Student Org events. As a registered Student Organization, you are able to post events to this calendar through OrgSync. 

The Texas Tech Community Calendar can be accessed multiple ways:

The following criteria is used to evaluate whether an event will be added to the calendar:

  • Organization must be registered and have attended risk management training for the current school year.
  • The event must be open to Texas Tech's student body.
  • The event must be alcohol and drug free.
  • The event must follow Texas Tech policies and procedures, including the Student Code of Conduct/Handbook.
  • If the event is held outside on university property, it must be approved by the Outdoor Events Coordinator Committee or "Grounds Use Committee" by the time of the request.
  • The event must not be a general meeting of the student organization.

You can request that your event be shared to the Texas Tech Community Calendar by selecting the check box under Calender/Portal sharing when creating or editing an event. This calendar is more public than your organization’s and will generate more exposure to the event. Keep in mind; choosing this option will require approval from Student Involvement. You’ll be notified of such after creating the event if you event is approved for the community calendar. 

If you have any questions about creating events on OrgSync or the Texas Tech Community Calendar, feel free to contact Student Involvement at or call us at 806-742-5433

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