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Kelsey M Jackson
Jan 28, 2016

All About Texas Tech's OrgSync Community

Jan 28, 2016 by Kelsey M Jackson

Have you ever wondered what Texas Tech's OrgSync Community is all about? Keep reading to find out what OrgSync is all about!

What is OrgSync? |  How a Student Uses OrgSync | Finding an Organization to Join | How a Student Organization Uses OrgSync

What is OrgSync?

OrgSync creates an online campus community that helps departments, programs, and all student organizations streamline processes and drive engagement. The platform reflects Texas Tech’s unique student organization structure and helps Student Involvement connect and engage with the populations we serve, improves information sharing, minimizes paper usage, tracks co-curricular involvement, and allows Student Involvement to generate reports on data we collect using OrgSync.

How a Student Uses OrgSync

The first step is logging in. Texas Tech’s OrgSync Community is accessed using your already established ERaider Username & Password. You can log-in to OrgSync by going to and clicking on “OrgSync Login”.   

After you log-in, you will come to the Texas Tech Community Home Page*. There are several components that make up the Community Home Page. Many of these components display content based on a user's memberships and permissions. For this reason, other users may see different content than you. Below are descriptions of the Community Home Screen Features.

Community Home Screen Features


Organizations provides you a directory of organizations that are registered at Texas Tech. Search for a specific organization or browse through the list.

News Feed

When an individual first logins into OrgSync, the feed will be one of the first pieces of content they see. The news feed makes it easy for people to stay up-to-date on the latest activities occurring across their organizations as well as different areas of campus.


Student Involvement spotlights upcoming campus events and important news posts at the top of Community Home for every person to see. These promotions highlight important volunteer opportunities, events and news on campus.

Featured Offices & Bookmarks

To the left, you will see quick links to the most important portals across campus so individuals can quickly access content immediately after logging in.


The Community Home Page has a section specifically for highlighting upcoming events. Student Involvement designates which events are highlighted in the upcoming events section.

Global Navigation Toolbar

At the top of every OrgSync page is the Global Navigation Toolbar. Use this toolbar to explore the various features that OrgSync has to offer. Below is a description of each of the features in the Global Navigation Toolbar.

  • University logo - Click the logo to jump back to the community home.
  • Down Arrow -If you are a member of multiple communities, use this drop down to jump back and forth between communities.
  • Search bar - Quickly find content by using global search.
  • My Memberships - Quickly access the memberships that you frequent most. The order of this list can change based on activity.
  • Image/name - Click on your name to open the User Drawer where you can access tools specific to you. More about the user drawer and its features are explained in the next section.

The User Drawer

The User Drawer is where you can access the tools that are specific to you! Here you’ll be able to see upcoming events you’ve RSVP’d to, complete unfinished forms, and update your personal profile. To access the User Drawer, click on your name in the top right of the screen. A panel will appear on the right side of the page. Continue reading to learn what each menu option offers.

  • My Profile - Update/edit your basic profile with user information and an image.
  • Inbox - Send and receive messages, view notifications, and manage invitations.
  • Activity - Finish incomplete form submissions and view exports, event requests, and organization registration requests.
  • Calendar - View events from your portal memberships and you can even subscribe to this calendar to take with you on the go.
  • To-Dos - Here you’ll be able to create your own personal to-do lists as well as find tasks that have been assigned to you from other organizations.
  • Involvement - Allows you to see your activities and organization memberships, view involvement, and submit involvement entries.
  • ePortfolio - The ePortfolio is a personal website to organize, showcase, and reflect on academic course-work, co-curricular involvement, internships, and employment. It allows you to upload work samples, solicit professional recommendations, and link to social media profiles.
  • Settings - Adjust your notification and privacy settings, merge accounts if necessary, and change your password when applicable. Note: if your university is using authentication, you will not see the Change Password option because you must contact your university IT department in order to make this change.
  • Help & Support - This is a redirect to the OrgSync Help Desk where you can find tutorials and walkthroughs for the OrgSync system. Select universities may choose to redirect to their own university’s IT department.

*If it is student’s first time logging in, they will need to fill in their Personal Profile Information first.

Finding an Organization to Join

Locate the 'Organizations' option atop the community home. This page provides a directory of the organizations registered at Texas Tech. You can search for a specific organization or browse through the pages. Utilize the filters at the top of the list to narrow your search. Click on an organization to view more information. This will send you to the organization’s profile. If you're interested in joining the organization, look for a green Join Now button in the top right of the page. (If you don't see this option then the portal is set to Invite Only. In this case, you'll need to receive an email invitation from an administrator of the organization.) Another way to connect with the organization is to email their president.

From an Organization’s Profile you will also see a description of the organization, links to their external website, contact information for their president and on-campus advisor.  Every organization uses their OrgSync profiles differently, so you may be able to see the upcoming events they posted, pictures of the organization, discussions or blog posts, meeting information etc.

If you need additional help finding an organization to join or would like more information on being involved at Texas Tech, email


How a Student Organization Uses OrgSync

After an organization registers with Student Involvement and is recognized as an official organization, they will have their own OrgSync Profile. The organization decides who will have administrative access to the profile to manage the content that is posted. Below is a description of the various profile features.

Cover Photo - The cover photo allows the organization to upload a banner image.

Profile Picture -The portal profile image will appear next to the organization’s name on the portal home and in the list of organizations under Browse Organizations.

Toolbar - All of the tools enabled in an organization’s profile will be listed here. Some of the various tools include discussion board, people, photos, videos, file uploads, forms, calendar, and messaging.

Welcome Message - The Welcome Message describes what an organization is all about. Some organizations will have a picture of their organization members, or tell prospective members how to get involved.

Profile Information - The profile information section is a subset of your organization's profile. This will display a description of the organization, membership requirements, contact information, and a link to the organization’s external website.

Profile Feed – This section functions similarly to the community feed, but only shows information posted by the organization.

A Student Organization uses OrgSync in a variety of ways. OrgSync has features that allow organizations to communicate with their members, manage events and track event attendance, store important information and documents, create and generate various reports, manage a budget and fundraise, as well as the opportunity to create a free public website.

For more information about additional OrgSync training, contact Kelsey Jackson.