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Kelsey M Jackson
Jul 7, 2015

OrgSync Tip of the Week: Adding a Cover Photo to Your Organization's Portal

Jul 7, 2015 by Kelsey M Jackson

Did you know you can customize your organization's portal?

One way to give your organization's portal some personality is by adding a Cover Photo.The 'Cover Photo' tab allows you to upload an image to display along the top banner of every page in your portal. The image must be in jpg, png, or gif format with a recommended size of 2000 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall.

Side Tip: Don't have access to Photoshop to create or resize a cover photo?  Pixlr is an online photo editing app that is free to use and has many of the same functions and tools as Photoshop.

To add or update a Cover Photo, follow these easy steps:

1. From your organization's portal, go to the "Settings" drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen. Select "Organization Settings" **

Picture of a student organization portal home sceen

** Only administrators of an organization can see this menu and make changes to the portal. If you think your organization needs an awesome cover photo, pass this tip of the week along to your organization's president.

2. From your "Organization Settings" page, select  the "Cover Photo" tab.

Screenshot of Organization Settings Page on Orgsync


3. Finally, add a cover photo to your profile. To ensure that no resizing or stretching occurs, make sure your cover photo is the recommended 2000 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall.

Screen Shot of the Cover Photo page on OrgSync

and there you have it, an awesome new addition to your organization's portal!

Hopefully you enjoyed this OrgSync Tip of the Week. Comment down below if you updated your organization's cover photo. We would love to see them and show off your organization in our weekly newsletter.

Check back next Tuesday to learn more about what OrgSync can do!