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Student Org Academy

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Saturday, Apr 1, 2017
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM CDT
SUB BallroomMap Location

If It Will Not Let You Register Please Email Me

Student Involvement's annual Student Organization conference for Officers, Advisors, & Up-and-Coming Leaders. Student Organizations are required to send at least one officer to the conference (preferably president). During this event organizations will be introduced to the 2017-2018 Registration process and will complete their required yearly Risk Management training, which is needed to receive SGA Funding. There will be additional workshops that will allow student organization leaders to learn the needed information to be successful for the 2017-2018 academic year. Attendees will be expected to attend the entire time to receive full credit. Light refreshments will be served. 

Check in will start at 12:30 pm

Common Questions:

Q: I am the president and I can not attend. Can I send another officer?
A: Yes, please send an officer that will be able to bring the information learned back to their organization to ensure organization success.

Q: I have already registered, do I have to register again?
A: No you should be good to attend.

Q: I just registered my organization do I still have to attend?
A: All organizations have to register each year that the 2017-2018 process opens at this academy. You will still have to submit your registration again by they first day of classes so attending will ensure you do not miss any new requirements or resources.

Q: I cannot attend the entire time, is that ok?
A: You can leave early but you will not get full credit. Attendees will have to attend from 1-5 pm to get full credit.

Q: Can my advisor attend in our place?
A: Your advisor is welcome to attend but will not count for the student organization attendance.

Q: Can I register once for multiple officers?
A: No, each individual needs to attend so that we can reminder them individually and be prepared for them as an individual representative.

Q: Can I represent multiple organizations?
A: Yes you can but it will only be effective if you are a leader in each org you are representing and can ensure the information you learn can be used and shared to ensure organization success.

Q: I am the outgoing President, should I still attend?
A: It is recommended that the incoming President attend. The attendee will learn how to register the org and will need to train the org and the risk management tools they will learn about. If you will be able to do all of this before you leave the position then you are welcome to attend.

Comments ·

Brittney T. Hoang

Yes ma'am. Thank you!

Marshall Martell

If my organization missed "Student Org Academy Spring 17" are we in jeopardy of any penalties or violations with our funding? What do we need to do now? Is there another Student Org Academy? Or do we just need to be sure and attend Risk Management the last week of April?

Keri Shiplet

Your penalty is a lock of knowledge that you could gain all at one event. You need to register your org and attend the risk management training before the end of the semester. Make sure to thoroughly read instructions in the registration so you do not miss an item and are denied.