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Why Risk Management?

It's the start of the new school year. You have new members that are in the process of joining your organization. The leadership team plans a new member retreat that is a couple of hours away. Everyone arrives at the retreat safely. After a long night of staying up, the members at the retreat decide to return to Lubbock in a hastily fashion the next day.

Sleep deprived, one of the drivers falls asleep behind the wheel and causes an accident on the way back to Lubbock. As a result of this accident, a student dies. This is the true story of Clay R. Warren. His death could have been prevented with proper event planning. After losing their son, the Warrens worked with their local senator, current Chancellor of Texas Tech Robert Duncan to pass legislation that would require risk management training for all students organizations at colleges and universities in the state of Texas. This is why all student organizations are required to attend risk management training yearly.

The Warren's efforts are intended to educate college students on ways to create safer environments for their members. The Center for Campus life has create event planning tips, which will help your organization plan events. Please click here to access these tips. Additionally, staff is willing to meet with any organization officers to talk over how to make events safer for your members, and guests that attend your events. Please contact the Center for Campus Life at 806-742-5433, or to set up an appointment.