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ASHTA members Alexis Ulrich, Kira Svirsky, and Lauren Winn-Dallmer protest whaling outside the Consulate of Japan.Hello and welcome to the Auraria Students for the Humane Treatment of Animals' (ASHTA) home page. We have recently switched to a CU Denver sponsored club and have a new orgsync ( so we ask that you please join the new page.  We still welcome all students from UCD, Metro and CCD.

ASHTA's mission is to promote humane and ethical treatment of all animals as well as raise awareness and educate students on animal cruelty issues.

ASHTA has been spreading their message of humane treatment at each of the three Auraria campus schools: CU Denver, Metro, and CCD, since 2010. We are proud to say that we have educated many students on the filth of puppy mills, the horrors of the Canadian seal hunt, and the unhealthy, polluting conditions of factory farming. Our projects include:

  • Education workshops with professional speakers experienced in an animal activism position.
  • "Coats for Cubs" fur donation drive that benefits orphaned and injured wildlife.
  • Integration of animal-assisted therapy animals into programs around mid-terms and finals weeks.
  • Partnership with several local animal rights organizations and shelters, including: Plants & Animals Denver, Humane Society Youth, Humane Society of the United States - Colorado, Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue, Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, Vegan Outreach, MaxFund, and many more!Members from ASHTA and Vegan Outreach educate student on going vegan and give out free vegan treats.
  • Our current and largest project is working to substitute cage-free eggs on campus.


Feel free to search around our members area for information on our events, resources, and photos. If you have any additional questions, you can email us at

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Auraira Students for the Humane Treatment of Animals is an organization dedicated to promoting the humane and ethical treatment of all animals. We hope to raise awareness and educate students regarding animal cruelty issues, such as animal abuse, factory farming, puppy mills, and the Canadian seal hunt.


Special Interest

President/Chair Name:

Alex Kjelstrom

Vice President/Vice Chair Name:

Kristan Corl

Treasurer/Finance Chair Name:

Kelsi Miles

Advisor Name:

Peter Anthamatten