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Welcome to the Hispanic Student Council!!! Hope to see you in our meetings. 

Bienvenidos al Consejo Estudiantil Hispano!!! Esperamos gustosamente verte en las juntas.

Meetings: Every Monday at 5:00 p.m. Activity room A & B at Student Center.

Vamos! La unión hace la fuerza!

Portal Information


This group is for members of Hispanic Student Council at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. This group will be used to inform members of all activities, events, and meetings that will be held. Also if you have any questions about anything relating to HSC then you may post messages on this group. HSC is an organization for all students who attend SIUC, it is here at SIUC to provide support to minority students.



Advisor Name

Cristina Castillo

Primary Officers Full Name

This is public information.

Ana Maria Hernandez

Primary Officer Title

i.e. President, Noble Ruler, Commander, CEO, etc. This is public information.


Primary Officers Contact

Email or phone number will suffice, but one is needed. This is public information.

Please note, that as the primary officer listed, your preferred method of contact should be one that is used frequently and you are willing to respond with on a consistent basis.

Membership open to

Both Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Meeting Information

Please include the day of the week, time, and location of your RSOs meeting. (i.e. Every other Monday from 4:00 - 5:00 PM in Activity Room A of the Student Center)

Every Monday 5:00-6:00 PM at the Student Center in Activity Room AB!

Are meetings open or closed?

i. e. can any member of the campus community attend a meeting, or dose an individual need to be invited to attend?


What is the approximate number of current members in your organization?