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Rikka J. Venturanza
Jan 26, 2017

Cultural Clubs Fair on Wednesday 2/15 at the Library Quad

Jan 26, 2017 by Rikka J. Venturanza

Sac State students have an opportunity to meet or reconnect with clubs, organizations, and campus centers that focus on creating cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity at Sac State. These groups and centers help make the Sac State campus a vibrant place and provide students opportunities to learn about both their own culture or other cultures!

For more information about tabling for the event, contact:

facebook page:


Khurum Z Khan

Can we include this for the Appreciating Diversity for Green Certificate?

Rikka J. Venturanza

Yes if you participate it will be counted, thank you for asking. The LI event link is here or you can find it on the LI Calendar Feb 15th

Khurum Z Khan

Thank you.