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Student Organizations & Leadership
May 1, 2015


May 1, 2015 by Student Organizations & Leadership

May 6th, 2015

Join us for Sac State’s first ever PhoneCast, live from The WELL! All you need is your cell phone, to join the conversation with hundreds of Sac State students, live on a single call.

Hear counselors Darren Smith and René Reis share amazing tips to boost your brain power, crush your anxiety, balance your busy life, and keep your eyes on the prize:  that graduation cap is calling your name!

Want to know how to cram for exams without losing sleep? We’ll help you focus AND catch your zzz’s.

We’ll talk grub. Learn the 5 Foods That Feed Your Brain, so you can go into finals (or any life situation) feeling unshakable.

We’ll get serious for a few moments, too. Learn how to spot hidden signs of depression in your friends and loved ones, and what you can do about it. Our special guest  -- a CHP officer known as “The Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge” -- will tell us how he’s saved more than 200 people from taking their lives.  Hear how he helps people of all ages conquer their fears, when life seems overwhelming.

Got a burning question? Buzz in by phone, Tweet us, or just stay anonymous and listen to what other Hornets have to say. It’s up to you!

Participate for a chance to win PRIZES galore, including an iPad, a new bike, and Starbucks gift cards!

We’ll need your phone number, so our system call call you moments before the PhoneCast and patch you in. (Your phone number will be used for this event only, it will be kept confidential, and will not be shared.)

Sign up for Sac State’s first ever Live ROCK YOUR FINALS PhoneCast on the Student Health & Counseling Services website or dial 844-734-8764 to join the live PhoneCast!