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Subs for Firefighters

Tuesday, Nov 3, 7 pm
Firehouse Subs

Pi Kappa Alpha has made an agreement with Firehouse Subs on Woodland to donate 15% of every sub purchased during our event.

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Sunday pick up games

Sunday, Sep 6, 1 pm
Rinker field

Everyone get out of the house and play sports, we will get out there and play with freshmen and the brothers an hour to two every sunday minimally

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Connor James Mashburn commented on the event Sunday Pike Pick-up games

Sunday Pike Pick-up games

Sunday, Apr 29, 2:15 pm
Pike house

weekly house games and practice

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Connor James Mashburn

second week of pick-up games lets get serious and play some kickball so we can be a little practiced right??

free comedy show downtown orlando

Saturday, Mar 24, 8 pm
129 West Church Street Orlando, FL 32801, United States

Connor got free tickets to the comedy club again 20 free for Saturday first come first served, anyone who can help with driving down there would be appritiated

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Limited spaces available

Socials with Sororities

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Initiation Ritual

Sunday, Oct 23, 7 pm
Pike House (fraternity house b)


This event does not require an RSVP.